Sunday, December 12, 2010

People of Color

Now this is one thing that doesn't make any sense. "People of Color"

Who does this mean?

There are lots of peoples of lots of colors and lots of races. I also know too many Jamaicans, Hatians, and Canadians to use "African American".

It's is like we are trying to hard to make a description poetic, that instead of it making sense, it is just passive aggressive. Kind of like when people are in church and they say, "I had the opportunity to go to Provo," and they just can't say, "I went to borringtown".

We are all colors, but that is the problem, the first guy who started calling us blacks and whites was WAY off. Seriously who came up with it first? Maybe he was really pale, but really pale people are almost bluish. Most of the people I see are pink, dark pink, peachy, splotchy, a little greenish, tan, darker tan, orange tan, carmel, brown, coffee, cinnamon. I was thinking that we should just call people by their pantone numbers. But maybe I am on to something with my descriptions.

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