Thursday, December 16, 2010

Even on the internet you should don't be racist.

I saw a guy on a celbrity rehab with a shirt that said "eracism".

I don't know what he was thinking, but I think it is important to don't be racist whether it is eRacism, or iRacism.

Cause even on the internet it is important to don't be racist.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Every day is a good day to don't be racist

Some days when I am walking down a street and I see someone that is a race, I think to myself "Hey, don't be racist" and I look at the race person and smile and am really not racist at them.

Monday, December 13, 2010

how to don't HATE




-Jim Hetfielder

One of the finest poets of our generation wrote that song. But you know what? Hate is such a strong word. We shouldn't hate anyone. Especially we should NOT hate people that are races. But what about Racism? Should we Hate racism? I tried to hate racism but I didn't know if I should Hate racism, or just the things he does. But after I watched some shows (TV) I decided I really Hate racism.

So there it is


and people that are different from me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Flavor of Race

Dark and light
black and White

it all sounds like good versus evil. But if we just describes races like foods, then there will be no bad guys (except if we call people "coffee" because, Mormon). Then it's not like a Black versus white issue, it's Peaches and Cream versus Chocolate, and do we want to drizzle Carmel on it issue. Imagine what will happen to Real Estate prices! Who doesn't want to live in a chocolate part of town!!?!?!

I think if we get the terminology right we will probably all be don't be racist together, and instead of saying "that Black man sure was articulate." or "That poor white guy just hasn't had any opportunities." You could be like "My time is prison was tough because I didn't believe in Cream of Chicken Power, but I needed some protection after I got stabbed by a Dulce de Leche". That doesn't sound like hard time, that sounds like an adventure in deliciousness

People of Color

Now this is one thing that doesn't make any sense. "People of Color"

Who does this mean?

There are lots of peoples of lots of colors and lots of races. I also know too many Jamaicans, Hatians, and Canadians to use "African American".

It's is like we are trying to hard to make a description poetic, that instead of it making sense, it is just passive aggressive. Kind of like when people are in church and they say, "I had the opportunity to go to Provo," and they just can't say, "I went to borringtown".

We are all colors, but that is the problem, the first guy who started calling us blacks and whites was WAY off. Seriously who came up with it first? Maybe he was really pale, but really pale people are almost bluish. Most of the people I see are pink, dark pink, peachy, splotchy, a little greenish, tan, darker tan, orange tan, carmel, brown, coffee, cinnamon. I was thinking that we should just call people by their pantone numbers. But maybe I am on to something with my descriptions.


TV tells you lots of messages about colors. That it is not about black and white. I think this time TV is right.

When I was a 14 years-old I liked the movie "Colors" even thought is was a R movie. I knew it was about gangs and that people in gangs are from races, but you think that the title "Colors" is cause there are people with skin colors, but nope. It's cause they choose bandana colors for their gangs. I learned a lot of things from that movie, mostly I don't wear red or blue anywheres because that could get you shot. Mostly I learned that Shawn Penn can act the crap out of that role (Unlike Robert Duvall who just acted like a normal police officer).

Anyway. Don't be racist about skin colors. Because it doesn't matter what color your skin is. It matters what color is your bandana.

Rule #1 Don't be racist

Rule #1 Don't be racist. Not even a little bit.

It can get you in serious trouble. If you are racist on a street, gangs might get you. If you are racist at your job and you work in PR, you will have big problems on your hands. If you are even kind of racist you can get yourself not elected if you ever want to run for office. Even sometimes powerful comedians do a little racism and it brings about their demise. So I say don't be racist, don't even try it.

I think the most important reason to don't be racist is that someday you will probably want to be on a reality show. Even though you are not there to make friends, and even though some of your best friends are from races, you don't want to be even a little bit racist. Because once someone calls you a racist, you are done. You are the bad guy on the show, and you live a sheltered life. Trust me on this IT"S NOT WORTH IT.

So I am going to try to give some tips on how to don't be racist.