Sunday, December 12, 2010


TV tells you lots of messages about colors. That it is not about black and white. I think this time TV is right.

When I was a 14 years-old I liked the movie "Colors" even thought is was a R movie. I knew it was about gangs and that people in gangs are from races, but you think that the title "Colors" is cause there are people with skin colors, but nope. It's cause they choose bandana colors for their gangs. I learned a lot of things from that movie, mostly I don't wear red or blue anywheres because that could get you shot. Mostly I learned that Shawn Penn can act the crap out of that role (Unlike Robert Duvall who just acted like a normal police officer).

Anyway. Don't be racist about skin colors. Because it doesn't matter what color your skin is. It matters what color is your bandana.

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