Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Flavor of Race

Dark and light
black and White

it all sounds like good versus evil. But if we just describes races like foods, then there will be no bad guys (except if we call people "coffee" because, Mormon). Then it's not like a Black versus white issue, it's Peaches and Cream versus Chocolate, and do we want to drizzle Carmel on it issue. Imagine what will happen to Real Estate prices! Who doesn't want to live in a chocolate part of town!!?!?!

I think if we get the terminology right we will probably all be don't be racist together, and instead of saying "that Black man sure was articulate." or "That poor white guy just hasn't had any opportunities." You could be like "My time is prison was tough because I didn't believe in Cream of Chicken Power, but I needed some protection after I got stabbed by a Dulce de Leche". That doesn't sound like hard time, that sounds like an adventure in deliciousness

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